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 Author More possibilities for tactics and strategy

Joined: April 13, 2013
Posts: 2
Posted: 2013-11-10 10:03   
wormhole battles-----
A wormhole is created, a scout is sent through and targetting data is sent back through the wormhole to a freindly fleet that waiting on the other side. Missle ships target enemy ojects on the hostile side of the wormhole, and fire. A rain of missles flies up and goes through the worm hole coming out the other side and destroying the enemy vessels without danger to the freindly fleet.
long range interplanetary missles-----
A hostile planet is scouted, enemy positions are recorded, missle ships fire salvos of the stock missles. One difference, even when the missles run out of fuel they maintain there inertia, flying in a straight line, hitting enemy positions from long range (but with no possibility of recalculating trajectory).
missle trajectory planner----
A program on the nav screen that allows a path to be made for missles, (usefull if you always want to hit the side with weakest armor on an enemy ship, or if your missles arent hitting anything you can manually adjust missle flight path to approach from the side for example)
Missle ecm---
The ability to target freindly missles and direct ecm at them.
counter missle eccm---
The ability to fire a more concentrated eccm at approaching missles.
(For example, missles are headed to your ship or a freindly ship, you now have the ability to concentrate eccm in the front of your ship, sides of ship or in the rear, or even better, you can toggle the nav map and designate an eccm region around a station, if the station is under missle attack
A probe that can be equipped on ships and launched to scout out targets beyond sensor range. Probe only travels in a straight line
Nav map upgrade-----
If a region was just scouted, or a freindly fleet was engaged in battle, let the nav map keep record of previously known enemy positions. This record can be cycled from the most recent enemy positions to last weeks.

Flight trajectory lines, to see where the enemy is headed, if they did an emergency jump for example.

The ability to create decoys, such as decoy plats and ships to distract the enemy. These decoys should emmit the same signature on a nav map to its corrosponding vessel, should look the same but not do anything, should cost less resources and should have light armor.



Joined: December 14, 2005
Posts: 579
From: In your base, stealing your cookies
Posted: 2013-11-11 11:31   
1. Already happened in the old days, will most likely never happen again. (fun times tho for ICC and UGTO)

2. no, not even for ICC, just no.

3. Cool idea, but would be hard for devs to program, maybe one day, when Palestar isn't a garage based company.

4/5. Why? It already is this way, and already hard enough to detect missiles if you are under your own ECM.

6. Sensor Corvette, already has that, called BEACONS. The higher the targets Sig, the farther away you can detect it.

7. Map already dose this, but it times out after a few seconds. Increasing the time out (of when ships vanish from map) is the fix. 2nd half. Its called tracking, watching which way they went and then E jumping yourself since E jumps are mostly the same distance.

8. I like the idea, would be separate from the current number of plats you have. They do nothing and give no sensor data, but would be a cool distraction for the enemy since they have no idea what is real and what isn't.

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Achilles Lord of the Myrmidon
Grand Admiral
The Myrmidon Legion

Joined: December 15, 2009
Posts: 327
Posted: 2013-11-11 12:00   
ML already does this.
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