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 Author Potential planetary interdictor changes!
Reek Havoc *XO*
Chief Marshal
Interstellar Cultural Confederation United

Joined: June 23, 2005
Posts: 327
From: Philadelphia
Posted: 2014-10-30 09:41   
How about a more simple approach: Dictors affect all ships equally making them unable to jump. All dictors when turned off have a cool down period before being able to turn back on, this is inclusive of planetary dictors and ship based dictors.

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Shadow of Hatred *CO*
1st Lieutenant
Coalition of Darkness

Joined: November 02, 2014
Posts: 1
From: The Final Frontier...
Posted: 2014-11-05 11:58   
I like the idea in principle, evening off the playing field. But I feel this may not help. If we mostly leave things the way they are and make jump drive recharge rate decrease for defending team, that would be fair. But the idea that people could jump in and out of a dictor field to me makes little to no sense.
Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser man to light the flame.

Chief Marshal

Joined: March 23, 2010
Posts: 1187
Posted: 2014-11-13 10:38   
Interdictor may be able to:
- shoot peacon to any red target within 1000gu
- decrease planet capture race of BOTH sides
- acts like a fog: decrease signature and sensor of BOTH sides.

The idea that I like most is the NO-range zone. There are various dictor, each prohibits one kinds of device of BOTH sides such as:
  • No gun: cannon & torp does not operate here.
  • No electric: ECM & ECCM does not affect ship.
  • No laser: beam stops.
  • No smart bird: good bye missle and fighter

The no zone allows duel and emphasizes role.
Example: a shipyard has no smart bird dictor. Anyone (green or red ship) inside can only use cannon, beam, torp to fight inside. Any missle or fighter from outside will be destroyed when enters the range. No station missle nightmare but still watch out for their core cannon.
Of course, dico is also unique as depot: one structure per planet to prevent over-protection.
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Fleet Admiral

Joined: June 29, 2006
Posts: 31
From: Midwest USA
Posted: 2014-11-15 11:18   
I like the idea of them being a somewhat one-way gate. The Dico stops ships coming into it's field but does nothing to ships jumping out.

The Dico is definitely needed to increase a planets survival, from everything to making troop drops harder, to providing a safe haven from being point jumped by the enemy. Slowing down charges or the speed of the jump won't change that the jump happened.

The one way gate helps both the offensive and defensive aspects. Defensively you will most likely have a chance to see and respond to an attack, and offensively you have less fear of death as you can jump out of the engagement

Chief Marshal

Joined: September 10, 2005
Posts: 101
From: Canada
Posted: 2014-11-21 11:12   
Interdictors on planets have been a problem in the game as long as I can remember. There is really no need for them and the best solution would be to remove them completely.

Pitch Black

Joined: January 11, 2010
Posts: 3823
From: LobsterTown
Posted: 2014-12-01 01:33   
On 2014-11-21 11:12, xTx wrote:
Interdictors on planets have been a problem in the game as long as I can remember. There is really no need for them and the best solution would be to remove them completely.

Interdictors add a tactical element to the game, and also a reason to cap and hold planets. Without them, your planets become only a liability to your defending side.

Maybe the interdictor radius can be tweaked to ensure that clusters aren't completely impenetrable.

500 or 750 gus, down from 1000. What would be the cause and effect of reducing interdictor AOE?

... in space, no one can hear you scream.....

Chief Marshal

Joined: March 23, 2010
Posts: 1187
Posted: 2014-12-11 12:54   
During the time when interdictor had been being disabled, my dread was destroyed because a station jumped through the dico and close to the hulled ship. I soon realize that when dico no longer stops jump, player's habits must be changed. Such change always leads to big impact in playererbase.

At a glance, the game atmosphere is taut. Ppl will build scanner platform near planet with shipyard and so the 5% ship has a very high chance to be destroyed again. The result is platforms in safe zone gates

On a deeper thinking, since player is free to jump to planet, the planetary structure has to change. For example the defense base might be heavier.

Interdictor is critical due to enhancement (so-called money). I don't expect it to happen even before other planet changes.

Fleet Admiral

Joined: September 24, 2011
Posts: 778
From: Fluttershy
Posted: 2015-01-01 02:41   
I think it's a fair solution to make Interdictors entirely a defensive device.

Rather than preventing people from jumping out, just having it work as a deterrent to point-jumping would be fantastic. Damaged ships will go deep into an interdictor to escape pursuers, and with large chunks of prestige being on the line, and teams often being very uneven, it's important that escapes like this are possible.

What they suggested seems decent, a slowdown will cause a target to come up short on a point jump, and planning a proper jump to compensate for this slowdown will take time.

Templar Knights

Joined: May 11, 2010
Posts: 2044
From: Michigan
Posted: 2015-01-01 18:45   
Interdictors no longer blocking people from jumping out would lead to aggressive planet camping, you'd be able to stay until you start getting hulled then jump out with no risk of being stopped. You'd also no longer have to take the time to bomb an Interdictor when attacking a planet since you could just jump out if defenders show up.

Remember how it used to be with luth camping SY planets for easy kills when they could just cloak and fly away if too many defenders showed up? It'd be similar to that except anyone would be able to do it just by having enough ECM so the planet doesn't detect them, only now you could just jump straight out instead of cloaking and manually flying clear of the field if you get in trouble.
Adapt or die.

Chief Marshal

Joined: March 23, 2010
Posts: 1187
Posted: 2015-01-26 23:08   
The scariest part when Interdictor no longer blocks jump is the deadly SY camping.
  1. Build a scanner platform nearby
  2. Wait someone to launch a 5% dread/station
  3. Jump in and kill

Interdictor ought to increase ECM around the planet and somehow prevent scanner.

Sanity Assassins

Joined: July 07, 2007
Posts: 27
Posted: 2015-04-05 06:45   
What about bringing interdicotr back to ships and removig from planets?with addition of interdictor blocking jump for all ship and the device would have obvious 3523525s cool down

Point Of No Return
Chief Marshal
United Nations Space Command

Joined: December 24, 2007
Posts: 78
Posted: 2015-04-21 15:44   
Dictor fields are not the problem with planet campers or out numbered defenders, planet defenses are pretty much useless to the planets what with the weapons and armor changes. Many changes and tweeks have taken place to this game and it has only minimized the player base to about a dozen full time people with alot of alt accounts on each of the factions. the changes are not improving the game. It was interesting and challengeing when I started in 2007 as a UGTO, but it is now a pale image of what it was when a few players started complaining and wanting changes that would only boost thier stats.

Chief Marshal
Ravenous Wolfpack Clan

Joined: December 18, 2010
Posts: 140
Posted: 2015-05-15 20:16   
Planetary Interdictors can just be gone for good....with new Kluth cloak timer, Kluth would be dead fast in any size the dico is...dreads are too slow to escape dico and live...as before, only really ICC benefits from dicos and ICC were the only planet huggers when dicos worked. ICC has a planet sheild which all factions should have...add up the ICC planet sheild+planet dico+sheild regen rate on ICC ships+planet depot=ICC planet hugging for sure...instead of fixing planet dicos, why not make planet defense effect UGTO and ICC, which currently is not equal for Kluth...only Kluth is in danger of death from planet def currently...UGTO and ICC barely get scratched by planet def...even with planet dicos, UGTO and ICC would not notice planet def...but with cloak timer and squishy armour, Kluth would be majorly disadvantaged and dead fast...the game is slow enough without planet dicos and much more fair in survival...planet dicos already slow the game to a crawl...but also when you factor in the snail slow recharge of a dread...even if an UGTO dread made it out of a dico its jd is way too slow to live...so basically it is suicide for a dread to jump into a dico. Also, dico feilds were always used to escape death and be safe...there are way too many toy ships wrapped in bubbled wrap in the new DS already...Dreads are impotent enough now...and with Dread jd slower than quick logging, how long do you think it would take a dread to navigate around planet dico feilds just to get to the destination planet? 2 or 3 jumps is the answer, which is almost 7 mins (that is along time of boredom and jumping and you need a sup plat trail built first just to recharge jd.)

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Joined: May 13, 2015
Posts: 1
Posted: 2015-05-20 12:50   


1st Rear Admiral

Joined: July 30, 2014
Posts: 10
From: Manchester, UK
Posted: 2015-08-11 08:11   
I agree with both sides, whereas there is a need to give defenders an advantage in this game there is also the issue of risk for attackers to consider. Thus I suggest a compromise, whereupon the changes you made to interdictor bases are kept however planetary defence systems recieve a massive buff so that they are actually effective against enemy ships, this would give the defenders a bonus while trying to defend and help them against larger numbers and also provide the attackers with a more risk free option of attack (as they can still jump away safely).

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