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 Author Back to the future! for AI that is
Chief Marshal

Joined: June 22, 2013
Posts: 92
Posted: 2014-07-11 18:08   
Everyone knows AI is quite "broken" right now and has been for some time (since 1.7). I get what what the devs were going for and why they tried to change AI to more precise spawning to match with their OVERALL excellant new ship models, and vast new system layout.
But...unfortunatley it did not work, and AI spawning makes no real sense in that 2 identical scenarios can play out that one faction invades another and in 1 case AI comes to assist the invaders once they have SY up and in identical case AI may instead come to reclaim captured planet and stop invaders. Also once that AI faucet is on, lol, my god is it overwhelming. If scenario of AI coming to reclaim a planet that was captured by enemy faction in their system, it will be with so much crushing force no amount of players can hope to stop it. Specifically 7 or 8 transports rushing said planet and random size combat ships all of kinds coming in to attack plats players and all. Even if you manage to prevent troops from landing on planet the shear amount of AI ship near planet in itself recaptures it.
Now all experianced players know all this already so no need for me to ramble on further. So whats the point here Jhomes?
Why not (if possible) go back to the old AI code from 1.6 version. I started in this version (1.6) and is only time i have to reference to but im sure i cannot be alone in saying the AI then was functional, reliable (came when called by distress), and most importent actually present.
In my very early DS days i remember logging on somtimes very late at night and no other players would be around, but DS was anything but a ghost town. There would be epic AI battles that occured whether or not anyone was around or not, and there i was as very low ranking UGTO player (at the time) fighting alongside dread AI and stations and ships far out of my reach. It was honestly wonderful and is what hooked me to this game and kept me coming back again and again.
Sadly those days are long gone but still i have held on to hope that the AI would return and new generation of players could experience the truely epic battles that once were daily events on Darkspace. That new players would see the excellence in this game that i had seen so long ago. Instead many new players get thrashed by higher ranked players have nothing their level to shoot and quickly become frustrated and quit. Now of course im not blaming the "broken" ai for DS decline in players as this has a deeper reason.
So i say, implore even, please bring those days back. Can you go back to the old AI code of 1.6 and maybe just maybe give DS the bright future it deserves for a whole new generation of Jhomes' to get hooked on.

Thanks if you read this far, as i may have said before i only want a better DS for us all.



Vice Admiral
We Kick Arse

Joined: December 12, 2012
Posts: 15
Posted: 2014-07-12 06:51   
I agree jhomes, lately i have seen ugto stations and tons of transports but nothing else, no icc, no kluth etcetera, the closest I have come to seeing a hostile combat ai is a gaifen I miss being able to jump into kaus, find an ai and start shooting at it whereas now al you do is sit and wait for icc to missile spam you wiht negative sig HMDs and missiles

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