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Forum Index » » English (General) » » A long long time ago when I was 13....
 Author A long long time ago when I was 13....
Inductive Soul *S*
1st Rear Admiral
Fatal Squadron

Joined: April 26, 2010
Posts: 27
From: Farr West, UT, USA, North-East America, Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Universe 3
Posted: 2017-12-16 22:33   
Today, I decided to share some thoughts of what made this a great game back in the day... I know you guys are all thinking... ohhh gosh not DarkSpin again... but hey here's my two cents.

So when I was young and was playing DarkSpace, I loved being able to experiment with planet builds as an engineer, go on bombing raids with my fleet; communicate on Jacks Ventrillo server.... you dirty little devil I was always a fan of TS instead.... ooh the headaches I gave you all I am shure... but ohh... those were the days.

Even back then I wanted to do something to help the community I grew to love, but then things started souring... now I will get into what I mean.

I decided to start hosting public scenario servers where there were massive fleets of AI to peck at and would peck back at you... yes sometimes I would add extra guns and things to players ships to spice it up... everyone on the server told me they were loving the action.... then came the mods, admins and what have you... condemning private servers for "splitting the community up into too many servers' and I was first asked to stop hosting servers so I did, so I lost that battle.... after a few weeks/months later the server builder and map editor vanished from view as the GameCQ softwares were reared up to snuff with some amazing updates that looked/feel beautiful and still do to this day.

I guess I would get on all the admin/devs nerves because I was always poking them about helping with something... even if it was small like coloring text.... was just looking for a guiding hand... but every time I got turned away or ignored, yes I was frustrated when I sent you that nasty email Faust, I was incredibly perturbed as how I was treated by all the staff and devs any time I offered my opinion or asked to help with ANYTHING.

Come to find out, I have High Functioning Autism; at the time I had not had any counseling to help me understand social and other cues necessary for day to day conversation, something I still struggle with today a bit.

So I am asking, if there is anything productive that I could do with DarkSpace, be it a scenario server.... or whatnot.... I have a box running windows that could run the server on a 1Gbps/35Mbps connection, yes it’s residential but its on a giant 200AH battery that will keep the server and router up and running for a little over a day should power fail.... I would be more than happy to start playing with the servers again and creating environments that are friendly to new players.... but to do that I would also need to get this server software back in my hands hopefully the map editor is still in existence and usable as I prefered to run that over just the server.

Now, I know i'm not the best programmer so I would love help from the community and devs if their willing to get a nice combat based skirmish server running that would enable everyone to play a fast paced round of arcade style DarkSpace as it was once intended to be... not this vast endless MetaVerse that sucks the life off of every player by boring them.... Its got allot of, not a lot going on; and is frankly boring.

I know, I know; programming stuff, I would love to see these changes at least....

1. Planets with shipyards receive resources from friendly planets via transport ships, that then use these resources to build planetary defending micro fleets, not only the planets protection; but also so that other factions have something to shoot at. This is supposed to be an arcade style game originally right? Arcade games always have something to shoot and or do.

2. Let players host servers again, limit it to one server/account if you must so you don't get spam servers like in the olden days.

3. let some select servers have prestige ranking so that players can actually level to get into the bigger MetaVerse...... I lost 3/4ths of my rank the other day by getting killed 3 - 4 times in a row because the other guys have bigger ships than me and I have no way of gaining the prestige back because I can't bomb by myself, no planets to build and no AI or players my size that I can shoot.

Fix that and a big portion of our problems will turn to light and we can wack them away one at a time.

Finally please fix/remove the broken dropbox download link from the downloads section...
and add my servers: DIAU Network's - Dark Space Download Mirror
by InductiveSoul @202432
[ This Message was edited by: Inductive Soul *S* on 2017-12-17 05:31 ]

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2nd Rear Admiral

Joined: December 13, 2017
Posts: 6
Posted: 2017-12-17 17:55   
Wait, you are saying that could host public servers for this back in the day and it would actually be connected to the official metaverse server rather then completely isolated? what. i dont even what kind of company would ever attempt something like that

+1 to having NPCs tend to planets. It would speed the game up greatly. However I worry that players would complain about the NPCs ruining their nice carefully built planets. What would the game look like if players could not build anything on a planet at all and only NPCs could? I guess the current NPC engineers are incapable of making basic planets but surely that can be changed

"social cue"? "societal boundries"? what are those things? no one ever specifies that there are boundries and society tends to not like the concept of wanderlust

Inductive Soul *S*
1st Rear Admiral
Fatal Squadron

Joined: April 26, 2010
Posts: 27
From: Farr West, UT, USA, North-East America, Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Universe 3
Posted: 2017-12-18 04:25   
Yes, you can have gates move you from one server to another... that was a feature of the Server/Map Editor.

You could even have moveing planets that actually orbit the stars, at great enough speed you can observe it; createing dynamic maps that change with time. This would offer a changeing battle field with real dangers... hey where did that moon go? - Boom! - ops....

And I was refering to a small NPC fleet protecting the planet, not building them up.

And yes, I question and explore everything... so I guess I do have quite a case of wanderlust.

[ This Message was edited by: Inductive Soul *S* on 2017-12-18 10:28 ]

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: February 27, 2007
Posts: 220
From: Red Light District
Posted: 2017-12-22 00:32   
Sounds like it could make things interesting again...though it would spread out any players even more. But something like this would get me to play again.
Noob you say? I may fly an escort destroyer...but I just stayed at a Holiday Inn.

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