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These Gadgets are non-combat devices used mostly by specialist Ships. These devices are used to repair ships, build Planets and other crucial work.

Mining Beam

Mining Beams are specialized beams equiped on Extractors, Engineering ships and command ships that are used to aquire Resources from a Planet. Mining Beams are aimed at a planet or asteroid, and while active draw resource units into your cargo bay. Mining Beams are one of the most useful non-combat gadgets, and are vital to early game setup in the Scenario server.

  • Hotkey: G
  • Range: 300 + (Gadget Level * 20) Gu
  • Resource Extraction Rate:
    • Planet: 15 resources per second
    • Asteroid: 30 resources per Second
  • Energy Requirement: 0.2/s
  • Equippable by: Engineering ships(All Factions), Command Carrier (ICC), Support station(UGTO, ICC), Extractor(All Factions), Hive(K'luth)

Swappable with: Tractor Beam

Build Drones

Build Drones are the most important part of the Engineering Ship, used to construct Structures on the planet surface. To use the Build Drones, select a build slot on the planet surface and select a structure to build from the appering list. It is easiest to do this in the F3 display. Build Drones will automatically deploy from the vessel and begin construction. Build Drones can only construct one structure at a time.

Alternativly, Build Drones can be used to construct Platforms. To build a Platfrom, the builder must have the appropriate amount of resources in their cargo hold, and select a point in space. Select the desired Platfrom from the appearing list. Build Drones are not swappable with any other device.

  • Range: 250 + (Gadget Level * 5) Gu
  • Equipable by: Engineering ships(All factions), Command Dreadnought(UGTO,ICC), Command Station(UGTO), Sector Command Station(ICC), Colony(K'luth)

Tractor Beam

Tractor Beams are utility devices used to drag an object from one area to another. Ships, asteroids, and Platforms can be moved with the tractor beam.

  • Hotkey: G
  • Range: 150 + (Gadget Level * 20) Gu
  • Energy Requirement: 0.02/s
  • Equipable by: Engineering ships(All factions), Command Ships of ICC and K'Luth, Supply stations (All factions), Ultimate Worker (K'Luth)

Swappable by: Mining Beam

Supply Drones

Supply Drones are carried by Supply ships and used to make repairs to the target ship. Supply Drones are an important part to any fleet and are useful as mobile depots, repairing and rearming fleets on the move. Only specialized ships carry Supply Drones, most o which are only lightly armored, and must be defended.

  • Hotkey: Y(Shift-Y for self repair)
  • Range: 250 + (Level * 5) Gu
  • Ammo: 1000 + (Level * 250)
  • Reload Rate: 50
  • Repair Rate: 300 + (Level * 10)
  • Energy Requirement: 0
  • Equipable by: Supply stations (All factions), Combat Supply ships (All factions), Heavy Supply ships (All factions), Ultimate Worker (K'Luth), ME-117 Engineering ship (ICC)


With the advent of ECM and the discovery of the cloaking K'luth, the human factions needed to develop a device that could facilitate the detection of these hidden ships. The beacon was developed for this role. A projectile, a beacon is launched at an enemy, and if it successfully hits, raises its Signature significantly.

  • Hotkey: T
  • Maximum Range: 500 Gu
  • Projectile Count: 1
  • Ammo: 15 + (Level * 1)
  • Beacon Life: 120 seconds
  • Beacon Effect: Raises target signature by 10
  • Recharge Time: 1 seconds
  • Energy Required: 0.8
  • Equipable by: Covert Ops Scout (UGTO), Recon Scout (ICC), Fang (K'Luth)

Interdictor Device

Originally developed to help UGTO Inner System forces capture Pirate vessels and later stolen by ICC spies, the Interdictor has seen more use in the recent Steller Conflicts. Equiped on specialised cruiser hulls, these devices disable all Jumping within their range, keeping enemy ships from escaping, and enemy reinforcements from coming in. A special planetary version has been developed as well, and are now ubiquitous in the MetaVerse today.

  • Hotkey: I
  • Range: 1000 Gu
  • Area Effect: Prevents Jumping in area for enemy ships
  • Energy Required: 0.6/s
  • Equipable by: Interdictor Cruiser(UGTO,ICC), Piercer(K'luth)

Auxiliary Fusion Reactor

When converting their freighter fleets into a viable offensive force, it was quickly realized by ICC technicians that the existing power systems would be woefully inadequate to operate weapons and sheilds. Seeing that these were fairly important to the war effort, it was determined that an extra boost would be needed if these ships were to ever directly confront UGTO cruisers in battle. Within 6 months, the Auxiliary Fusion Reactor was born. Built to be as small as possible, and mounted on a miniaturerized frame, these reactors give the extra energy needed to make ICC ships frontline worthy starcraft.

Fusion Reactor

Realizing that the ICC ships they were confronting had vastly more power avaliable then their age would suggest, orders were givin by UGTO Command to capture and determine the reason. UGTO researchers then discovered the ICC's Aux Reactor and determined that a similar technology could easily be introduced to the UGTO fleet. Reverse-Engineered from the ICC, the Fusion Reactor works on the same miniaturized frame as it's ICC counterpart, and has a higher total energy capacity, but at the cost of energy production per second.

  • Faction: UGTO
  • Energy Capacity: 7.5
  • Energy Production: 0.25/s

K'luth Fusion Reactor

Due to the energy heavy nature of K'luth attack strategies it is thought by Human scientists that it is unlikely the aliens do not have an alternative power option similar to the Auxiliary Fusion Reactor/Fusion Reactor. If so, the technicians have devised the relevant statistics from recovered sensor data.

  • Faction: K'luth
  • Energy Capacity: 7.5
  • Energy Production: 0.25/s