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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
Evil Empires Inc.
Fleet Name:Evil Empires Inc.
Max Members:25
Motto:When you see us, count to ten and hope that you shall escape again. When you invade us, count to eight, for we are there, hidden in wait. When we attack you, count to five, hope that you will stay be alive.

13 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
Quistis {C?}Cadet0December 21, 2008
AlleyCatCadet0February 04, 2017
Clete2 {C?}Cadet0October 01, 2010
DarkAngel {C?}Cadet0November 18, 2011
DMC-13Admiral20490.1February 09, 2012
Evil BobMarshal168409October 10, 2010
FAR {Grasshopper}Cadet0December 26, 2004
jedi42Grand Admiral95356.3September 10, 2016
Null {C?}Admiral33935.2March 07, 2012
PatrynCadet0September 19, 2008
Peachy1st Rear Admiral10239November 07, 2009
RockCadet0October 23, 2005
TwoFly {C?} The RedeemerFleet Admiral50053.7July 23, 2011

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