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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
Courageous Elite Commandos
Fleet Name:Courageous Elite Commandos
Max Members:100
Motto:Courageous Elite Commandos, we are the Elites. The navy's last line of defense. First in, last out.
Info: CEC is open to players ADMIRAL and above. Any player below this rank, plz sign up with our training fleet UEPG. Once the rank of ADMIRAL is reached, you may then transfer to the parent fleet CEC, members of UEPG will have all the support from CEC members as if they were in CEC.

19 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
RonZo *FC*Chief Marshal683084February 12, 2021
SixkillerMarshal169376October 09, 2020
Slidevail**Marshal195381January 23, 2017
VirusMarshal186580August 11, 2020
AckeMarshal239654March 25, 2019
CalebAdmiral21357.3February 03, 2019
DacurlyVice Admiral16424.1August 21, 2010
FAdm. Tim Webbers *S1*Fleet Admiral70779.4July 04, 2013
G.Adm. KirkGrand Admiral93912.2May 09, 2018
Kascis *CL*Grand Admiral82148.8October 21, 2015
Majin BuuFleet Admiral56928.6May 09, 2011
Matthias_LFleet Admiral45564.7March 12, 2011
MythocondriaFleet Admiral42446.6December 17, 2015
Nim *Chief Marshal388202October 10, 2012
NimitzFleet Admiral68135.4August 20, 2012
SeanDodgeFleet Admiral49582.9July 10, 2016
Snowfire{=21st=}Fleet Admiral44523August 24, 2019
TatsumasaMarshal255499November 23, 2013
yhn12345Grand Admiral132565November 13, 2013

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