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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
We Kick Arse
Fleet Name:We Kick Arse
Max Members:100
Motto:"You cannot believe in honor until you have achieved it, stay strong and stay the course; you are the window through which everyone else sees your teammates and your true self." -Challenger

12 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
ArtermusGrand Admiral85250.9May 10, 2018
FireswordIIIVice Admiral15251.6February 05, 2019
allanduLieutenant Commander321.251September 25, 2010
Capt.NutVice Admiral19823.6September 06, 2017
conithwolf2nd Lieutenant107.683June 29, 2013
Forger of DestinyChief Marshal352845September 29, 2017
G wyvern2nd Rear Admiral2587.86March 28, 2010
Killa-mongooze2nd Rear Admiral2630.53September 15, 2013
NeoViperAdmiral27870.1May 22, 2010
OrobasCaptain1485.57March 13, 2013
theadmiral1st Lieutenant303.554July 04, 2013
zakugwCaptain1481.46September 15, 2012

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