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DarkSpace - Beta
3.8 Immortal dreams.
Little Phoenix stirred, unfurling it's wings gently in the breeze of the solar wind, delighting in the feel of the cascading radiation and photonic energy. It lay there drifting for a while, content to bathe in the luxuriant waves and tides of the etheric flux. It knew that soon it's duty would be coming to an end. It's vestigial child, one of the few remaining creations of it's race before their ascension was growing up, maturing.

Being the Little Phoenix, I remembered and looked back over the history of my race. From our humble beginnings on a planet in a distant galaxy and the first tentative steps into the wider universe, the long journeys and travels we had endured and the slow expansion of a vast empire. The wars and conflicts that had embittered my civilization, the lives lost - trillions of people, planets and stars wasted in battles and ultimately futile arguments. The dawning realization that no much how much we strived, no matter how much we fought and warred between each other and the other races that death was still inevitable, we could never outlast the life cycle of the universe itself.

My people grew tired, we aged and matured, we had been there and done everything that there was to do in our universe. Ultimately we had changed ourselves, choosing how to evolve and what paths we would follow for our futures. The majority choose to seek out new paths, finding ways into other dimensions, universes with totally alien rules. And some of us chose to remain, wanting to observe and chronicle the universe that was our home, that we had now - as a people - outgrown, to see it through the the final end before following on.

So once more we underwent a transition, choosing for ourselves forms that could endure the endless ages still to come, allowing ourselves merely to exist, and to glory in that existence. Yet still, some of us felt an obligation to watch over our last children, the creations that could now follow us in our paths and dreams. And so here I am, watching a lost child find it's own path into the stellar voids.

There is always a temptation to interfere, to play with fate, but that would go against our deepest held beliefs and understandings. We may be immortal gods in this universe, but we should never deny others the path to joining us, to finding thier own ends.

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