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"This page will need a complete revising for the release of 1.7 MetaVerse"

The Metaverse is the main game mode for DarkSpace, and consists of several constellations that make up the DarkSpace universe.


The "MV" is a persistant universe with several systems all linked together. Rather then starting over every time objectives are met it is an ongoing battle that never ends. All aspects of the game are able to be accomplished, however, some not as easily as others. Usually a person joins the metaverse when they have more time on their hands to accomplish something.


Cluster map.jpg

The Metaverse server, called Hydra, consists of seven constellations. Each of these constellations contains a group of systems that are connected to the other constellations via a JumpGate.

The constellations are:

  • Cassiopeia
  • Ursa Minor
  • Canis Minor
  • Rogens Rift
  • Saggittarius
  • Lacerta
  • Andromeda


Cassiopeia is the home system of the ICC.

Stars & Planets

  • 61 Cyg A
    • Azuk
    • Naix
    • Af
    • Zo
    • 61 Cyg B
    • (Faobian Cluster)
      • Faobian
      • Lya
      • Ozark
      • Jenthra
      • Ahaza
      • Junction
      • Amy's Moon
      • Ambrosia
    • (Dhao Cluster)
      • Dhao
      • Boonie I
      • Boonie II
      • Lesser Boonie

  • Schedar
    • Segin
    • Atefeo

  • Ross 248
    • (Zazap Cluster)
      • Zazap
      • Gofbag
      • Quinin
      • Re
      • Hadabba
      • Anklo
      • Azchu
    • (Eaoub Cluster)
      • Eaoub
      • Ebraham
      • Hathache
      • Enous

  • CD+36*15693
    • Exathra (ICC Home World)
    • Minuete
    • Filloth
    • Pangasic
    • Lilly
    • (Exsegar Cluster)
      • Exsegar
      • Tetyn
      • Hivarin
      • Kunata
    • (Aan Cluster)
      • Aan
      • Wallengoad
      • Aaya
      • Bothfix
      • Oasha
      • Uaelas
      • Kiegje
      • Kowone
      • Arwep
    • (Randis Cluster)
      • Randis
      • Ghad Jwero
      • Zanny
      • Illambic
    • (Siehald Cluster)
      • Siehald
      • Skass
      • Duna
      • Porin

  • BD+4344
    • Evast
    • Fae
    • Nhezack
    • Ghext
    • Foesta
    • Ahwa
    • Andy's Planet
    • (Ghixty Cluster)
      • Ghixty
      • Mhaon
      • Isquasam
      • Ooi
      • Avalon
      • Queenie
      • Rhalago
      • Awaiad
      • Loakmay

  • Kapteyn's Star
    • Arges
    • Brontes
    • Briaeraus
    • (Hectaton Cluster)
      • Hectaton
      • Cottus
      • Gyes
      • Thypho

Misc. Info

Ursa Minor

Canis Minor

Rogen's Rift




Technical Info

The Metaverse, unlike the Scenario game mode, is actually a group of game maps linked together via JumpGate's. These maps are what you see as constellations in the game, and how we divide the server load to ensure the game runs as smooth as possible, as each constellation is actually its own server. Each server is mapped to its own core to ensure a heavily loaded server does not impact the others, allowing for players to spill over into another server should gameplay become affected to the point where we have to disallow further logins to that particular node.

When we create a map, each transfer JumpGate is given a linking name. Upon server bootup, each server will constantly poll the other servers under the same name to see if it contains a map with the destination transfer JumpGate. When this is done, the JumpGate's allow transfers between the servers which allows us to have a much larger map than previously possible. It is worth noting that a transfer JumpGate, although identical to normal JumpGate's, does not function in the same way. A transfer JumpGate that cannot find a destination source will act as a HomeGate and allow players to gate their ships by entering it.

The servers will only look for other servers of the same name, which is why no matter which nodes may be online, the server name stays the same. The map positions within the server are setup via a Universe Port, which allows us to dictate where a given map is placed when the server boots up. Although all objects within all maps are set around the same 0,0,0 xyz coordinates, the server will first lookup where the map should be located within the Universe Port, and offset the locations within the map based on where the location of the map on the server lies.