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Entering the Game

Before you do anything else it is recommended for you to read some if not all of the Manual. If that isn't for you, here's a short summary of what you need to do to get in the game.

  • Install the Darkspace Client which can be found in the Darkspace downloads section.
  • Register for a new account here.
  • Open the Darkspace launcher and setup your game by going under the launch tab and double clicking 'DarkSpace Setup'. Make sure multicore is disabled since it's currently broken.
  • Join a server by going under the servers tab and double clicking on a server. Hydra houses the metaverse. Ogre houses the scenario. Beta is a testing server used for testing out changes to the game.
  • Once the game is launched you will be shown an observation screen, along with a small menu. Select Play from the menu. This brings up the faction selection screen. Select the faction you wish to play and press select. Don't worry too much about choosing a faction - DarkSpace allows you to swap factions as you wish.
  • Now that you're in the game you need to select a shipyard to spawn from. Shipyard planets are represented with a white icon and their orbit line is also white. If you can't see one, try scrolling out with the mouse wheel. Double click on the shipyard you wish to spawn from.
  • With a shipyard selected you need to select a ship to spawn with. The ship selection menu is on the left. Ships you can spawn are in white. Click on the ship you wish to spawn and then click launch.
  • You should now be in the game! For help on how to play please refer to the Manual or to the starter guides below.

It is recommended to join the server Hydra as that is where most players play. After joining the game you can talk to other players by pressing enter to bring up the chat box at the top left of your screen. Feel free to ask around for help - DarkSpace players are generally friendly and willing to help new players.

Guide Set A

This set of guides was made by Domedi @182986.

The Starter guide is a useful playermade handbook, which details on the basic steps of performing various tasks.

Guide Set B

This set of guides was written by Toby @191408.

We have compiled a list of quick tips to get you start playing with diminished delays. It is, however, suggested that the main articles on important skills be read via their respective links.


Main page - Starter Navigation

Hey! Hey Lieutenant, do you have a license to fly that huge Ship? Get yours now with our high-speed crash course in navigation!

  • Your ship has an engine for general movement and a jump drive for high-speed rectilinear motion.
  • Turn your ship around using Left and Right arrow keys. Change the speed using Up and Down arrow keys.
  • Press F2 to get into Navigation Interface, your state-of-the-art interactive star map.
  • There are three contact lists to the left - a stationary contact list at the edge, a hostile encounter list next to it, and an allied unit list alongside it.
  • Select any target on the map, and press J to activate your jump drive. Your ship will align itself for a jump, and then JUMP!
  • Your jump drive has a limited supply of fuel. Refuel it during periodic supplies from supply ships and depots, or by orbiting a planet.
  • Travel across two star systems using Jump gates. Enter one gate to exit instantly from the other.


Main page - Starter Combat

Far away from home, you are always 1 second away from getting into a fight. While you can always run away, you should try to fight back. And speaking of that - Welcome to Fight Gym, newbie.

  • Combat in DarkSpace is broadly about getting your opponent's hull to 0 and keeping your hull above 0.
  • Two aspects of Combat are Weapons (Offence) and Defences. Weapons help you destroy your target, and defences help you maintain a healthy hull for long.
  • Weapons are generally categorized by the distance from targets at which they perform well. Types of distances (ranges) are Short-range (0-250 GU), Medium-range (250-750 GU) and Long-range (750-2500 GU).

Short Range:-

  • Beams - Energy weapons which are extremely accurate. Generally short ranged and deal less damage at maximum range. Can be used for Point-Defence.
  • Mines - Explosive weapons with a small blast damage. Found only on specialized "Mine Layer" ships.

Medium Range:-

  • Cannons - Projectile weapons with a blend of all aspects of weapons - good accuracy, stable damage, high speed, good range. Found on many general-purpose combat ships.
  • Torpedoes - Projectile weapons with focus on damage. Found on many combat ships and assault ships.

Long Range:-

  • Missiles - Guided projectile weapons with focus on range and extreme damage. Slow refire and ammunition constraints make missiles a tactical weapon. Found on specialized "Missile ships" and Support Stations.
  • Fighters - Launch fighters armed with weapons or tactical devices. Their motto is persistence and swarming. Found on specialized "Carrier ships" and Command stations.

  • Find the ship with the right mix of weapons, and pick your fights wisely. It pays to fight and run away, rather than run away immediately.
  • Defences are categorized according to the technology used in them. They are Armor (All factions) and Shields (ICC faction).
  • Armors are a slow-regenerating and high-strength defence system. They are characterized by their green rings on the Ship Display. They are heavy and slow down your ship, but are rapidly repairable, and provide tried-and-true dependable defence solutions.
  • Shields are ICC-only fast-regenerating and moderate-strength defence system. They consume energy to regenerate and maintain shields around the ship, and rapidly regenerate when not disturbed by weapons fire. Their strength can be freely moved from one shield to another. They are characterized by their blue rings on the Ship display.
  • Choose the right combination of defences for your ship. Many defences have Resistances and Weaknesses to specific types of weapons, so plan accordingly.
  • Be well-prepared, practice mock battles with friends and never be afraid of a fight again!


Main page - Starter Supplying

Tips! Cheap tips! Durable and valid tips! Get your supplying tips here!

  • Getting hurt is not good, and being hurt for too long is dangerous! Supply the hurt spaceships to make them healthy wealthy and wise.
  • Supplying is done by special Repair drones. These drones are found on mobile spaceship hulls called Supply vessels. Some Space Stations also have them.
  • The drones have a short range. Get near a ship which needs support, and press Y to initiate reloading and repairing procedures.
  • The drones will first refuel the target ship's jump drive and any ammunition-based devices, then repair it's armor and hull.
  • Supplying a ship which is in combat improves its chances at surviving battles and defeating stronger opponents. A warship without support ships is ASKING to get hurt.
  • Your drones perform repair procedures faster if the damaged ship is not in active combat. And they should.
  • Hmm, so you think you did not gather your drones after the last support operation? And they are lost in space forever? DO NOT WORRY! Your supply drone bay functions even if you don't see any drones flying around. How? Please don't ask that ...
  • Your Supply ship is damaged or low on ammo but there is no one to repair you? Do not worry ! Press Shift + Y to begin supply procedures on your ship. Immortality :-)
  • Your drone bay has a limited capacity of supplying ships. Refill it's capacity by orbiting a Planet, flying near a Depot or flying near a Supply Platform.
  • Flying a supply ship is the second-most prestigious task, next to Engineering. Learn how to be a good supporter and help your allies to victory!


Main page - Starter Construction

Are you a 1st Lieutenant who wonders which cookie's name is Construction? Put that mouse away, get your reading glasses and pay attention.

  • Construction is done by Build Drones which are carried by Engineering vessels.
  • A lifeless planet is mostly useless if there is no engineer to colonise it.
  • A planet can accomodate a maximum of 32 structures, but the 3 unique Home planets can accomodate 40.
  • Structures require Resources to be built, Workers to manage it, Technology to be built and maintained and Power to function.
  • Workers need Habitat and Food to live and grow. Shortage of any will stop growth, and acute shortage may cause mass deaths.
  • Most structures have up to 2 technologically advanced versions with far greater needs but higher output.
  • Balance the inputs and outputs of each structure in an orderly manner to build a great planet and be the hero/envy of your friends.


Main page - Starter Bombing

  • Enemy planets are friends with your enemies. Your enemy's friend is your enemy! Hurt planets and their delicate ecosystems using Bombs.
  • The Human and K'Luth factions each have 2 types of bombs - one for General destruction of structures and living stuff; and one for Biological destruction of only living stuff. Human factions use MiRV bombs and Neutron bombs, and K'Luth colonies use Telekinetic bombs and Bio bombs, respectively.
  • All bombs have a maximum flying range of 750 GUs. Human bombs have a longer munitions arming time than K'Luth bombs, so K'Luth bombers can unleash their explosives at closer orbital altitudes.
  • Once launched, a bomb will slowly fly to the designated target - the planet's surface or a specific location on the surface. The engines on bombs will guide the munitions very accurately to the target, but they require sensor information from nearby ships and platforms.
  • While flying, bombs can be shot down by Point Defense laser systems of enemy spaceships. Use Electronic Warfare systems to conceal the bomb salvo.
  • When a bomb collides with the target, Defense structures present on the surface will reduce the extent of damage received. The proportion of damage reduced is equal to the PD percent of the planet - sum of PD% of all functional Defense structures on the surface.
  • Bomb a structure to disable it at 50% critical damage, or annihilate it completely at 100% damage.
  • Bombs also destroy resources present on the planet, and cause loss of population. If any infantry are present on the location they will also be subjected to the explosive damage.


Main page - Starter Capturing

Hey Lieutenant, stop admiring the enemies' powerful ships and planetary support, and focus on destroying them! What, you don't want to? You wouldn't scratch them even if they destroyed your family and loved ones? Well, in that case you should Capture their planets and ships!

  • Capturing is the process of gaining control of a Planet or Ship, so they help your friends and hurt your foes.
  • Capturing is done mainly using Infantry, which are sent to the target via transport pods.

Ships :-

  • To capture a ship, load up some infantry units from allied Planets or transport ships, then approach the target and press U when within 250 GU range. Infantry will fly towards the target and board it when they reach the ship's hull.
  • Infantry which board a ship will fight enemy infantry, and after that they will individually try to capture the ship's officers and command.
  • Ships which are boarded with infantry will Deploy defence systems to eliminate them before they can reach the command center of the ship. These systems are activated only when enemy infantry survive the allied infantry.
  • If an Infantry is unable to capture the ship, it will damage and disable nearby systems before being eliminated by defence systems.
  • Successful infantry will gain command of the ship, and use it to support their faction.

Planets :-

  • To capture a planet, players of a faction are required to overthrow the enemy faction's Control on the planet.
  • 'Control' is the influence value of the faction on a planet. The higher the control, the higher is the support and obedience of the planet's population to the governing faction.
  • Planet control is affected by the presence of ships in nearby space and infantry on the surface. Allied soldiers and ships will increase the control, and those of enemy's will reduce it.
  • Capture a planet by staying within the planet's Influence radius of 600 GU and helping infantry survive against enemy infantry.
  • When your strength is greater than the enemy's, the Net effect on Control will shift in your favour, and the Control value will start dropping.
  • Bring down the Control of the planet to 0% to capture it in the name of your faction!

Guide Set C

This guide was made by [*FTL*]Persistance @222120


1. Always dodge fire when you can. Try a simple weaving pattern first, then try other things, like flying straight to make sure the enemy weapons shoot straight, then move. This is especially helpful on ICC, with their extra manuverability.

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