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DarkSpace Wiki. - The wiki where infinity has just begun

  • This WIKI uses the same username & password as your DarkSpace account.

Please remove any spaces or special characters (_,[,],^,?,*,{,},-) from your username when logging into this WIKI.

  • The MAIN purpose of this website is to allow the players to contribute tips & techniques when it comes to playing DarkSpace. Everyone is invited to contribute to this WIKI.
  • You can go back to the main site by clicking on this link

Important Links

Quickstarter - Attention new recruits! This guide will help you take your first steps into the infinity.

Manual - Everything and anything about the game, and then some.

Tutorial Videos - Uploaded videos of different aspects in the game.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn't know.

History Galactica - The in-universe history of Darkspace's universe.

DarkSpace Database - A guide to ships, systems, planets, buildings and everything else in the darkspace universe.

Contacts - Find people, references and details.

Wiki Rules

  • The Darkspace Rules of Conduct apply, so any abuse is liable to result in loss of wiki privileges AND a ban from the game.
  • Please include your player ID on your talk page.
  • Use talk pages to discuss changes.
  • Sign your comments on talk pages (Three tildes gives your user name, four includes a time stamp).

Useful stuff