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- Old movie
- Get in to play
- Dont put the coffee on, I wont be long
- KLUTH Fleet
- Im calling it. Time to move to Arm.
- Getting our Player Base back
- AI Engies
- supply platforms often do not resupply
- Weapon Disruptor is ineffective
- Carrier default loadouts - ships w/interceptors only?

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- Roadmap
- Hello strangers, its been a while...
- State of DarkSpace Development
- Potential planetary interdictor changes!
- The Silent Cartographer

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- Weekly DarkSpace
04/17/21 +8.1 Hours



8th - Radpipe
1st - MrYoda

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DarkSpace - Beta
DarkSpace Support[Document Index]
1 Welcome to the Darkspace Support page...
Important Note: Due to the dynamic nature of DarkSpace, items on this site are subject to change anytime and we encourage you to read these articles regularly to keep updated of any changes. We do our best to translate the content of this site to every supported language but some delay may happen between languages. Thank you for your understanding.
2 Got questions about DarkSpace ?
DarkSpace hosts its own Wiki, which covers a lot of information about the game.
The FAQ contains a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, and is good for answering most of the basic questions about DarkSpace. For more detailed information, check into the Manual.
Since a wiki is only as good as the community that maintains it, we hope you'll spare a minute or two to contribute to the general sum of knowledge.
3 Having video/graphics or crash problems when trying to run DarkSpace ?
If you have hardware or driver questions, consider looking into the Client Installation Issues forum.
4 Have questions not answered above ?
DarkSpace maintains a variety of <a href=index.htm?module=forums.php&viewcat=11>Support Forums</a>, useful for asking questions not answered in the FAQ, or Manual. The Support Forums include a number of options for finding help.

Alternatively, you can submit a <a href=index.htm?module=support.php>support ticket</a> if you want to contact staff directly and get a reply.

Additionally, post suggestions in the <a href=http://beta.darkspace.net/index.htm?module=forums.php&page=/viewforum.php?forum=36&15366>Developer Feedback</a> forum, or check the <a href=index.htm?module=log.php>Development Log</a> for recent and upcoming changes to the game.

Lastly, feel free to ask your questions in chat or in game - the community is generally friendly and willing to help. If you do get an answer to a question, consider helping others by adding that info to our wiki.
5 Billing questions; can't find a solution from the FAQ, Knowledge Base, or Forum ?
For billing and payment matters, contact billing@palestar.com, for all other questions or issues, email customer support at support@palestar.com.

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