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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
ExtraTerrestrial Space Bums
Fleet Name:ExtraTerrestrial Space Bums
Max Members:25
Motto:We are the BUMS and we dont care about silly things like honor victory pwnage and the like we only care about having fun....we are a select bunch of bums recruitment is by INVITATION ONLY

13 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
SnafuFleet Admiral65634.8February 10, 2012
Topbum (England)Marshal292313March 28, 2016
born2drunkenbum(o)(o)Cadet0September 08, 2008
Cheshire Cat, Kitty BUM!Vice Admiral14482.4January 13, 2016
Dark_vorbum {C?}Fleet Admiral80497.2April 16, 2010
Distel {Combat BUMpkin} StolzCadet0August 29, 2006
leesky(ENGLISH)Grand Admiral82084.3April 01, 2020
Mad BumGrand Admiral94601April 16, 2015
MonkeyGod -$Bum$-Cadet0April 21, 2006
PharohCadet0February 20, 2007
Prometheusbum(England)Cadet0January 25, 2009
Storm RiderFleet Admiral59044.2November 23, 2019
Strom"DaBum"MoonCadet0August 26, 2005

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