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DarkSpace - Beta
2.49 2245 CE
2245 CE: The Stellar Freedom Alliance starts to get impatient. Ever since Grand Chancellor Messinia took office, their covert support from the UGTO had dried up. They begin to escalate their activities, to bring across the message to the new Grand Chancellor that they are not a group to be trifled with. For his part, Grand Chancellor Messinia had no real understanding of the dealings that his predecessor had engaged in.

One such initiative began by the former Grand Chancellor was the establishment of a covert biological weapons facility deep in the core of Charon. Using their knowledge of genetic manipulation gained over the years, the lab was tasked with finding an expedient method of dispatching with the pirate threat; the plan was to introduce a biological agent which would spead among the members of McCormick's empire and which could be triggered externally, by something like a burst of radiation of a certain type, wiping out the pirates. Given its sensitive nature, however, Messinia and most of the Senate was unaware of the program.

Meanwhile, Shi Jie Sheng rises quickly through the military ranks, attaining the rank of Admiral in one year of service. He is granted control of the entire Farstars fleet command. His tactics are solid, and his command of strategy is brilliant. By the end of the year, he has been able to force McCormic to surrender his pirate empire. The remaining pirate ships flee into uncharted space, to lick their wounds.

Immediately upon victory, the Farstars begin to return to their status quo of internal bickering. It would appear that Admiral Sheng had been expecting this. In his forces, he had fostered a fatherly relationship with his troops and crew. Not only would his people live for him, but they would also willingly go to their deaths for him. They all knew the stories of how he would personally risk himself for the lives of his crew or other ships. Most of them had lived some of these same stories with him. He ordered the entire Farstars fleet to Exathra. Once there, he blockaded the entire CD system, with all the Farstars diplomats present. He then calmly and coolly stated that there would be a new order. This was not a request, but more of an order. The politicians balked at this thought. He simply informed them that if they did not wish to see the creation of his order, he would be more than willing to end their existences right there. None doubted the sincerity of his words…

Admiral Shi Jie Sheng’s new order would be ruled on Exathra. All member worlds would send two Representatives to help govern in the council. Each representative was voted into power by popular vote of the people whose planet he or she would represent. The council would be lead by a High Councilor who was voted to rank from with the council by popular vote of the people from all the worlds in this new government. Each Representative was required to put forth at least four years of military service to their government before seeking a position in politics. Terms would be limited to six years per Representative, and ten years for the High Councilor. The High Councilor would have direct command of the military, and the military would no longer be the property of individual worlds. This new government would be known as the Interstellar Cultural Confederation.

Shi Jie Sheng is elected almost unanimously as the first High Councilor of the ICC. He maintains a disciplined and orderly military.

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