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Badges are awards given for exemplary performance on the field of battle. Most high level ships require a combination of Badges in order for a player to access them. Badges are earned by receiving certain amounts of points in various catagories such as Ships Damaged, Planets Captured, Planets Damaged, Construction, Repair, Ships Captured, and Jumps Taken. Badges are independent of your Rank, but a combination of high Rank and high level Badges are required for the most powerful Ships. Your current Badges can be seen by pressing F5 ingame.

There are four levels of Badges: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Getting to the higher levels takes increasing amounts of points in that catagory.


Navigation Awards

Navigator Award
Bronze Navigator
  • Bronze Navigator: 50 Jumps
  • Silver Navigator: 500 Jumps
  • Gold Navigator: 1000 Jumps
  • Platinum Navigator: 5000 Jumps

Combat Awards

Combat Award
Silver Combat
  • Bronze Combat: 50 Ships Damaged
  • Silver Combat: 500 Ships Damaged
  • Gold Combat: 1000 Ships Damaged
  • Platinum Combat: 5000 Ships Damaged

Support Awards

Support Award
Gold Support
  • Bronze Support: 50 Units Repaired
  • Silver Support: 500 Units Repaired
  • Gold Support: 1000 Units Repaired
  • Platinum Support: 5000 Units Repaired

Bombing Awards

Bombing Award
Platinum Bombing
  • Bronze Bomber: 50 Planets Damaged
  • Silver Bomber: 500 Planets Damaged
  • Gold Bomber: 1000 Planets Damaged
  • Platinum Bomber: 5000 Planets Damaged

Transport Awards

Transport Award
Bronze Transport
  • Bronze Transport: 25 Planets Captured
  • Silver Transport: 50 Planets Captured
  • Gold Transport: 100 Planets Captured
  • Platinum Transport: 500 Planets Captured

Engineering Awards

Engineering Award
Silver Engineering
  • Bronze Engineering: 50 Construction Points
  • Silver Engineering: 500 Construction Points
  • Gold Engineering: 1000 Construction Points
  • Platinum Engineering: 5000 Construction Points

Privateering Awards

Privateering Award
Gold Privateer
  • Bronze Privateer: 25 Ships Captured
  • Silver Privateer: 50 Ships Captured
  • Gold Privateer: 100 Ships Captured
  • Platinum Privateer: 500 Ships Captured


Medals are special awards given to commanders who aquire particular combinations of Badges.

Bronze Star

Bronze Star
Bronze Star

To get the Bronze Star you need all the Bronze Badges, excluding Bronze Privateer.

Silver Star

Silver Star
Silver Star

To get the Silver Star you need all the Silver Badges, excluding Silver Privateer.

Gold Star

Gold Star
Gold Star

To get the Gold Star you need all the Gold Badges, excluding Gold Privateer.

Sirius Combat Medal

Sirius Combat Medal
Sirius Combat Medal

To get the Sirius Combat Medal, you must receive the Bronze Combat, Bronze Bomber, and Bronze Transport Badges.

Defense Medal

Defense Medal
Defense Medal

To get the Defense Medal you must receive the Silver Combat and Gold Engineering Badges.

Star Fury Medal

Star Fury Medal
Star Fury Medal

To get the Star Fury Medal, you must receive the Silver Bomber and Silver Transport Badges.