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Kick back and relax and just watch the videos. Some people like to learn from reading others require visual aid. This is fine because I have the free time to make the videos for you all. Some of the videos that will be listed here are a little out dated, not by much though. They are all still relevant.

All videos are uploaded to YouTube and are available in High Definition. Please feel free to leave any feedback on videos that you would like to see in the near future. Also feel free to leave comments on the YouTube page for me and others to read. The more participation we have the quicker the word will get spread around about DarkSpace. This is all about helping the newer people and to start advertising more.

Click on the link(s) that you would like to see the related videos for:

  • Feb 8th 2013 Darkspace Browser Navigation - The Browser tab reveals all the information about DarkSpace and other things. Here you will find the Forums, Ranks, Fleet info, Events, Profiles, RoC, etc... The list goes on and on.

  • Feb 8th 2013 Darkspace Ship Selection - This is where the game starts. Also known as your garage, the ship selection screen is also where you can go to the store to purchase enhancements, AI ships, and items for your ship(s). Also this is where Items, Resources, Enhancements are stored and even your ships. All explained in the video.

I will add more videos throughout the next few days into this post. I am using better recording programs now and the video quality will be even better and the new tutorials will be more up to date as I am making them as I post them here. I will also take the tutorials that I have now and update them and expand on them.

You have my full permission to link these videos in other venues throughout the online world to help get the word out. I hope they help.

If anyone has any opinions on something they would like to see let me know and I will get around to making a video for it. Thank you all for your participation and support.

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