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Prestige is the equivalent of what is termed elsewhere as "Experience". Prestige is used to allow the player access to larger and more advanced ships (in conjunction with Badge requirements), and also indicates your overall experience and skill in the game. Performing actions to support your Faction and team grants you prestige, and doing damage to your faction reduces it.

Components of Prestige

Prestige is a broad term which values your overall deeds in the game. The value itself is a sum of a large number of values corresponding to distinct types of actions.

Your actions in DarkSpace are categorized into the following fields :

-Positive actions -

  • Ships Damaged: Points earned for damaging enemy ships. 3 Prestige per point.
  • Ships Captured: Points earned for capturing enemy ships. 15 Prestige per point.
  • Repair: Points earned for repairing friendly ships. 2.5 Prestige per point.
  • Planets Damaged: Points earned for damaging enemy planetary structures and surface infantry. 1 Prestige per point.
  • Planets Captured: Points earned for actively contributing to the capture of an enemy or neutral planet. 5 Prestige per point.
  • Construction: Points earned for constructing and repairing structures on planets. 1 Prestige per point.
  • Jumps: Points earned for performing FTL jumps. 0.1 Prestige per point.
  • Scout: Points earned for successfully hitting enemy ships with a beacon launcher. 1 Prestige per point.
  • Kamikaze: Points earned for damaging or destroying enemy by the explosion of ship destruction or the Self-Destruction action. 5 Prestige per point.
  • Bonus Prestige: Point awards for completion of missions in scenario server or rewards from the Game Administration (often in the form of coupons). 1 Prestige per point.

Negative actions -

  • Friendly Fire: Points awarded for damaging friendly ships with weapons or ship explosions. Damaging your own ship with explosion weapons also counts. -3 Prestige per point.
  • Self Destructs: Points awarded for self-destructing your ship, thereby causing loss of a capable ship of your faction. -10 Prestige per point.
  • Resources Lost: Points awarded for being destroyed in a ship constructed using significant amount of Resources, thereby causing economic loss to your faction. -5 Prestige per 1000 points.
  • Planet Collisions: Points awarded for crashing your ship into a planet due to poor piloting skills, thereby causing loss of a capable ship to your faction. -1 Prestige per point.

The sum of all these points multiplied by their respective prestige multipliers is the total prestige of a player.